photo_jenniferkano_lashes16_bestcolorLashes by Jennifer Kano


Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines.

  • Exhibitions are Juried or Non-Juried – they are listed in the Event & Exhibition Schedule as well as on our website at (see Art Exhibitions in main menu).
  • Members and nonmembers may submit work to any show throughout the year with the exception of the Members’ Blue Ribbon Exhibit.
  • Submissions must be from living artists.
  • Artists may submit one piece of art to non-juried exhibits unless otherwise indicated.
  • For juried exhibits refer to the prospectus for submission details.  Any number of pieces may be submitted but only one piece per artist can be accepted.
  • Any single piece of art may not be exhibited more than once at the Falmouth Art Center.  (If a submission for a juried exhibit is not accepted, it may be resubmitted in a different exhibit.)
  • All entries must be valued, even if marked NFS (not for sale). All entries must include an exhibition form including contact information, title and value of the piece. Download a printable exhibition form here. 
  • Any work exceeding 40 inches in either dimension is less likely to be accepted.
  • Pieces larger than 30” in any one direction cannot be under glass but can be under Plexiglass. Pastels are an exception.
  • All artwork to be hung must be properly and securely wired for hanging.
  • The Art Center retains a commission of 30% from members and 50% from non-members for all works sold.
  • Submission fees are:
    • member – $8
    • nonmember – $10
    • high schooler – none
    Juried: (with the exception of the On-Line Juried Photography Exhibit)
    • member – $10
    • nonmember – $15
    • high schooler – $8
  • The Falmouth Art Center reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decline to exhibit a work of art, in which case it will return the receiving fee.
  • Exhibits in the Landrau-Partan Gallery and The Sigel Gallery may have different guidelines.
  • Any work that is not picked up on the specified pick-up date will be charged $1 per day storage fee.