The connection between science and art has long been a driving force in gaining a better understanding about our world and our interaction with it.  In order to portray what exists around us, artists and scientists are trained to keenly observe, and sometimes dissect, the colors, shapes, textures, and minute details of an object, substance, or organism.  As a starting point, one of the Synergy II Project’s objectives is to pair a scientist with an artist and through regular dialogue and collaboration provide them with the resources and guidance to enable them to move towards the development of a common language using the arts as a means of expression. 

Scientist-artist pairs have been self-selected by the participants based on the synergy between the scientist’s research interests and the artist’s areas of creative expression. The pairs have a wide range of proposed projects, from graphic novels to virtual reality to sound-immersive exhibits.

The individual exploration of both the scientist and the artist create an understanding of self within the world. The collective relationship of the scientist and artist, sharing those discoveries, begins a relationship of different perspectives that can potentially result in new forms of communication, perception and understanding of our environment and our relationship to it.

Synergy II aims to tell the story of our connection to the environment, using the vehicles of science and art, to illustrate current and future processes of individual and collaborative exploration. This story can highlight the potential of new pathways for learning, multi-disciplinary and cooperative exploration, and the flexibility and adaptability that is required for a successful outcome in today’s world.

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