Scenes of the Cape Work by Susan Varga
Exhibit in the Sigel Gallery (January 2 – 31)

Artist Statement:

I am a painter and a ceramic artist, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. From my early childhood, I loved to draw, paint and sculpt. Materials were scarce after the Second World War, but I was able to create my early art using only scissors, newspapers and boxes! 

The Viennese-Hungarian Art Nouveau style, prevalent in Hungary at the time, was my early influence. I became familiar with the famous ceramic manufacturers of the works of the Herend and Zsolnay porcelain factories. I even had a summer job there, learning how to paint the designs on the world famous ware. Soon I started making clay objects of my own. 

I studied at the University of Architecture in Budapest, Hungary, and then moved to New York City, where I received a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University. Working in the New York office of the historically prominent architect, Marcel Breuer. I eventually found my interests and directed my energies more to painting and ceramics. I moved to Boston, and completed a Master’s Degree in Art Education and Ceramics at the Massachusetts College of Art. I taught art in the Newton Public School System for 25 years. 

My enthusiastic students learned all different media: drawing, painting, clay sculpture construction. After retirement, I was able to concentrate on my own art: drawing, painting and ceramics. 


James King Bonnar Show, 2011: From Venice to Istanbul “This masterfully executed piece has obviously been a labor of love. The amount of thought that has gone into the execution is readily apparent- the restrained use of color juxtaposed with the ornate nature of the compositional elements works very well, and the figures mix together effortlessly. The glimpse that the artist gives us into the history and cultures of other places keeps the viewer circling the piece again and again to try to grasp the full story.

Dock in Woods Hole | Susan Varga | Oil | $250