Exhibit dates: April 1 to 30, 2021

Meet the Artists!

weaving demonstrations coordinated with the exhibit:

Wed.  April 7 from 10-12 noon – Liz Henry 

Sun. April 11 from 1:30 – 2:30 PM – Susan Clark

Wed. April 21 from 10-12 noon – Liz Henry 

Sun. April 25 1:30 -2:30 pm – Christine Anderson

The Story Behind This Show:

Susanne Brown – Sudoku Inspired – Fiber

Earlier this winter, the Falmouth Art Center’s Fiber Group, an active group of weavers and other artisans, devoted one of their monthly meetings to a “Sudoku Challenge,” using the popular puzzle as a design inspiration for patchwork or weaving. Liz Henry, a fiber group member and weaving teacher at Falmouth Art Center, presented the “rules” of the Challenge. Using a Sudoku puzzle and the resulting grid of numbers, determine a pattern of colors on a piece of art. The members of the Fiber Group had such fun with the “challenge,” they decided to create an art show around it.

The result is “Inspired by Sudoku” in this month at Falmouth Art Center.


Peggy McEvoy – Wanderlust – paper

Liz looked into the history of Sudoku in preparing for the exhibit. She found that the roots of Sudoku go back to ancient times. The modern day puzzle we know as Sudoku seems to be related to a Magic Square that most likely first appeared in China 2000 years or more ago. Jumping ahead to 1776, Swiss born mathematician Leonard Euler, presented his research on the Latin Square at St. Petersburg Academy. A puzzle with the numbers 1-9 appears in French newspapers between 1890-1920.

Howard Garns, a retired American architect in the 1970s continued the evolution of the puzzle in Indiana where he created the first real Sudoku puzzle. It was a Latin Square with an extra rule.  1-9 must also be present uniquely in 9 regions of 3 by 3 boxes, as well as the 9 rows and 9 columns. The Japanese Company, Nikoli, published the puzzle under a new name, SUDOKU, in April 1984.  Japanese “Su” means number and “Doku” means single.

There are 13 artists with works in the Sudoku show, including Liz’s husband Bill Henry. Other artists are Christine Anderson, who heads up the Falmouth Art Center’s weaving program, and her partner, Jay Phyfer. Also with works in the show are Susan Elizabeth Clark, Ellen Germann, Jane Parhiala, Jane Lincoln, Beth Dill, Peggy McEvoy, Ann Wright, Susanne Brown and Scott Farrow.