Mary Moquin

While perusing some paintings on google I stumbled across an image of a male artist dressed
in full suit attire sitting before his easel applauding a naked woman sitting back to at the piano,
apparently just finishing a song for his enjoyment. The absurdity of this image really struck me.
In some ways, women have come a long way for sure.
For this show, I wanted to portray a much different representation of today’s woman. My model
is a young, confident woman who reveals a complexity of nuances in her expression. I liked the
fact that it isn’t exactly obvious what she is thinking in each of these paintings. It is precisely
this enigmatic quality that drew me to paint them. Although she is probably close to the same
age as the aforementioned sitter, there is no way I could imagine her sitting complacently for
that artist.
When I told her I was creating these images for this show, and the curiosity about what she
was thinking, this was her reply, “I tell you Mary, my emotion lately is usually “really, wtf?” It’s
an honor to have that portrayed by you and to be in that show! I had the thought that women
have come so far while listening to female artists sing about their sexuality or their body –
things that would’ve never flown in the 1920s, at least not so blatantly. It can seem like a small
thing, but so can being allowed to wear pants. And women weren’t always allowed that either.
Minutiae adds up.”

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