Watercolor Workshop: Start with Middle Value with Irena Roman


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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Please pack a lunch — there will be a 45 minute lunch break.

We have updated our pandemic protocols because of the new health recommendations from the CDC and local health officials guidance on Cape Cod, as well as for the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and teachers.

CLICK HERE to review our updated Pandemic Protocols. 

Through the application of wet-on-wet washes, participants will learn to achieve luminous light effects and lush darks with transparent watercolor. Beginning with middle value, we’ll create paintings that exude instant atmosphere. The evocative beauty of utilitarian objects –transformed when infused with light- will be the focus. This workshop is designed to enhance creative and technical skills. 

Participants will paint from supplied reference. Some previous watercolor experience is helpful.


Falmouth Art Center Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be given within one month of the start of a workshop. Workshops are not pro-rated. A $25 processing fee is withheld from all refunds.

The Art Center reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to insufficient enrollment, in which case tuition will be fully refunded.


Basic Supply Kit
Irena Roman
•Your palette
•A medium sized watercolor brush that comes to a point (#4-7 round).
•A large brush that also comes to a point (#10-14).
•A flat “sky” brush (3/4” – 1.5”) (optional)
And any other brushes you’re used to using.
(All of the above can be synthetic or a blend of synthetic and natural hair.)
•Windsor + Newton (or comparable) tube paint. These are suggested basic colors.
Just bring what you have on hand.
Cadmium Red Windsor Violet Raw Sienna
Cadmium Yellow Burnt Umber Raw Umber
Windsor Blue Sepia
Cerulean Blue Hookers, Windsor or Viridian Green
•A 32 oz. plastic all-purpose sprayer with adjustable spray trigger.
(You can find this at a hardware store.)
• A Large water container (I like using “recycled” gallon-sized water containers!)
• Roll of white paper towels (preferably Viva, with no texture.)
• 6 oz plastic cups (at least a dozen)
• A jar of masking fluid (Incredible White or Miskit Frisket are best.) An old brush or two such
as a #4 round to apply the frisket with- something that comes to a point but doesn’t need to be
• Pencils, a kneaded eraser, masking tape for taping edges, an Xacto knife
Two sheets of 22” x 30” Arches 140 lb. cold pressed (not from a pad).
It’s the best and most durable watercolor paper. (You may not end up using both, but good to
have on hand.)
A pad of watercolor paper would also be handy (for planning and experimenting with washes).
• If you like, a lightweight surface of some sort (such as Masonite, foam core or a clip
board) to give your paper support.

Instructor Bio

Irena Roman is a transparent watercolorist from Scituate, MA. She holds a BFA from

Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an MFA from Syracuse University.


Irena achieved Signature Status from the American Watercolor Society in 2012 and has

been honored with a High Winds Medal (2011) and the Ralph Smith Memorial (2012).


She’s twice received the Watercolor West Award from The National Watercolor Society, as well as four Gold Medals and two Silver Medals from the New England Watercolor Society. She’s holds signature membership with the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the New England Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Honor Society.


Irena’s 2018 solo exhibition at the Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, Ma. entitled

Second Wind, Journeys of Reinvention is a series of transparent watercolor portraits that challenge stereotypical views of aging. The paintings focus on the vitality and originality of individuals beyond the age of sixty-five who have segued into new vocations that embody their inventiveness and creativity.


Irena’s paintings are in many public and private collections including Toray International Inc., Tokyo, Japan, and The National Fire Protection Association, Boston, MA. Her work has been included in many publications and both national and international competitions including The Artist’s Magazine 2022 Watermedia Showcase (Honorable Mention) , The Art of Watercolour magazine, American Watercolor Weekly, Splash; The Best of Watercolor, Creative Quarterly’s 100 Best, and many others.


In addition to being a painter and illustrator, Irena is a professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, with over twenty-five years of teaching experience. She also conducts watercolor workshops for adults in Massachusetts and beyond.


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