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Cast your vote to win a mask!

  1. Vote for your favorite mask(s), and enter for a chance to take it home! As part of a fundraiser for the Falmouth Art Center we are asking for a $10 contribution per vote.
  2. You can vote for as many masks as you would like—and as many times as you would like. Each vote is a chance to win!

How to vote:

If you need to review the Mask Gallery CLICK HERE

If you would like to vote for more than one mask, or take out multiple chances on one mask, you can do that during the Checkout process.

First, write the number of the mask you want to choose at right. If you want to vote for more than one mask or to make additional votes on one mask, adjust the number to the left of the “Add to cart” key. For instance, if you adjust that number to 2, you will have spots to list 2 mask numbers instead of one. Once you have decided how many votes you will do and which masks you are voting on, you click on the “Add to cart” key. That takes you to the Cart page.

Once you are on the Cart page, you can double check that the correct number of votes have been listed and check your total amount owed.

Then click the button: “Proceed to checkout.”

On the Checkout page,  you put in your contact info and credit card info. When you are all done, click the button, “Place order.”

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Thank  you for participating in our fundraiser!


If you would have any questions, or would like to vote by phone, call the Falmouth Art Center at 508-540-3304.  You can also vote in person at the Art Center.



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