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Saturday, March 24th 

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

 One of the things students always tell Mary is that they wish they could be more painterly and loosen up. If you feel that way, this is the workshop for you! If you want to become more painterly you need to be willing to use more paint! So we will explore using larger quantities of fewer colors. This will also help you stretch your color mixing sensibilities. 

Mary will begin the workshop by demonstrating the technique for you to emulate. She will then motivate you to loosen up and just have fun in the process of exploring paint.

This workshop is suitable for oils or acrylics. 


Oils or Acrylics:

At least 4 large tubes of paint, a red, a yellow, a blue, a white.  I really have no preference as part of this will be an opportunity for you to learn the limitations of your palette. You can bring a variety of the primary colors, but please, bring large tubes of at least these 4 colors.


Golden Open gel medium (I don’t care what level of gloss)

Water Spray bottle, and a container for water


Liquin, or Gamblin alkyd gel, or Gamblin solvent free gel, or Galkyd 

A small amount of Odorless mineral spirits (I recommend Gamsol)


A wide variety including some cheap 1-2 inch house painting type brushes


A good sized palette to mix paint on (disposable is ok but paper plates are too small) Freezer paper taped to a board works well.


A variety of supports to work on as we will be doing multiple paintings. Inexpensive canvas panels are fine, or gessoed paper or scraps of gessoed canvas that can be tacked to a board or support or a pad of canvas paper would be fine, at least 11×14 you need space to swing the brush around! 


Paper towels, palette knife,  optional (old credit cards, rubber tools, kitchen scrapers)

A few empty plastic containers with lids

Random still life objects:

We will be setting up a large mixture of still life objects to compose from. It would be nice to get a variety of colors and textures, flowers are fine too, bring along some random stuff to share and I will create an interesting still life for us all to work from.

Instructor Bio

Mary L.  Moquin earned a BFA in printmaking and an MFA in painting at UMass Dartmouth. She is a well-known artist and teacher on the Cape and spends every summer in a remote dune cottage on Sandy Neck where she finds most of the inspiration for her paintings. Her expressive paintings have won numerous awards and have been included in several regional and national juried competitions. You can see her work at Cove Gallery (Cape Cod) Charlestown Gallery (RI), East End Gallery (Nantucket) and at

 Artist’s Statement– There have been moments in my life, when I have felt completely connected to something larger, part of a unified whole that exists somewhere beyond the immediate appearance of everyday reality. As a young child, I experienced this sense of connectedness for hours at a time while leisurely exploring my rural surroundings. But, as I have grown older and busier this feeling of unity eludes me, beyond my memory, like a name I can’t quite remember. I am left with a sense of separation and a longing to recapture this feeling of wholeness that came so naturally in my youth. Through my painting I search to rediscover this unity between the specific elements of these spaces and the larger forms and forces of the world. The landscape is the sanctuary I have found that brings me the closest to reuniting myself with this experience of wholeness. In these silent meditative places, I listen for the echo of something I am certain I once heard clearly.Through the process of painting the landscape and contemplating the natural rhythms and phenomenon I witness, I seek to fill the void created by my lingering sense of separation. The motifs depicted in my paintings are metaphors for a way of “being” in the world, a way I have experienced metaphysically in these sacred spaces and that I have gained poetic insight into. This phenomenon has reinforced my intuition of the universe as a single significant whole. It is my hope to awaken this awareness in those that are receptive to it.