The Joys Of Mixed-Media Collage: Versatile Techniques For The Art-Beginner and Professional Artist Alike with Sarah Kahn


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 Saturday September 25
10am to 3pm 
(Bring a lunch–there will be a half-hour lunch break)

For all levels.

All Students must be fully vaccinated to take this workshop.

Mixed-Media Collage is exciting because it lends itself to first time artists- the student who has always wanted to play with color and texture, and to the professional artist, who has worked tirelessly on the same piece, only to discard it as “unsuccessful”. Mixed-Media collage allows us to refresh pieces that need more attention, as well offering an accessible doorway into the senses and to endless possibility! This class is designed to teach the steps involved in creating innovative and beautiful artworks, as well as experimenting and familiarizing yourself with a variety of art supplies. We will become acquainted with art media, and learn the basics of collage, making collage papers, and the steps involved in constructing finished pieces.

We will have lively class critiques, and enjoy art-making together in a supportive atmosphere!

Come feed your curiosity to play!

Check the “materials” tab for supplies you’ll need to bring to class.


Falmouth Art Center Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be given within one month of the start of a workshop. Workshops are not pro-rated. A $25 processing fee is withheld from all refunds.

The Art Center reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to insufficient enrollment, in which case tuition will be fully refunded.























Here is the Materials List:


Bottle of Golden Matte Medium (other brands, like Liquitex are fine)
16oz. and up.

Jar of gel medium (matte)- any stiffness is good

6-12 tubes of acrylic paint (liquid bottles are wonderful too- your choice)
Golden is a trustable brand. Utrecht can be lousy!
We will be mixing color a lot- so buy shades that excite you.

Be sure to have Black and White

Large pad of THIN acid-free paper (by “thin”, I mean not heavy watercolor- 
This will be used to create our “raw material”- textured and painted collage papers,
Also some sheets of rice paper or (thinner-still) transparent and tissue

12″ X 16″ and up (and larger) watercolor pad (this will be for our finished pieces)

ANY magazine images for transferring, or images that inspire you that have been photo-copied
on ink-jet (also for transfers)

2-6 foam brushes
2-6 asst. bristle brushes (good cheaper ones at hardware store!!)!

1 pad Pallette paper

Drawing Implements/Drawing Utencils: colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels markers, wax crayons, china markers, charcoal sticks…ALL ARE GOOD (bring whatever suits, or what you already have on-hand)-
be ready to share these!


Instructor Bio

 Sarah Kahn:

I am drawn to non-representational art, because it endows the viewer with the freedom to associate, remember, and find sensory response. Amidst passages of color, form and textures, one is invited to draw upon internal imagery and personal experience. While I am inspired by recognizable images, it is the abstracted details from these pictures, that I am drawn to record and create. Wordless forms have power, because they can be either re-attached to words, and recognized as pictures, or they can remain label-less, therefore maintaining a direct connection to our senses and to our unconscious.


I work in a sculptural manner, layering paper, fabric, drawings and prints. As the collage evolves, I scrape away thickened patches of acrylic paint, and peel away strips of unwanted cloth. I overlay monoprints, monotypes, woodcuts and other textured passages. I cloud forms over with fabric, to have them recede, while I bring other forms and colors into the foreground. The composition of each collage is as important as are the techniques I use to create dimension.


While I occasionally add representational drawings, such as portraits, I remain committed to the abstract, and the power it has to direct the viewer inward. The nameless form, texture and color, allows us to free-associate, and often to recall important experiences we may have hidden away.

I am under representation at Soprafina Gallery, SOWA Art District, Harrison Ave., Boston, MA.

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