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Drawing and the Creative Process with Jon Moore: Fridays


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This is a course in non-traditional approaches to drawing. Drawing as an EASY act of mark making.

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Fridays • January 11 – February 15 
9:30am – 11:30am
This is a six-week course.

As artists, at one time or another, we have all experienced the proverbial confrontation with the blank canvas. To some, it is empowering. To others, it is draining. Drawing and the Creative Process is a course that combines exercises in freeing up inhibitions with non-traditional approaches to drawing, so that we can be truly creative artists.

Course Description

This is a course in non-traditional approaches to drawing. Drawing as an EASY act of mark making. We begin by utilizing numerous “right brain” exercises designed to free inhibitions: ie. Gestural drawing with the whole body, drawing without looking at the surface of the paper, group drawing, random drawing with non-representational, emotional or expressionistic marks. Later projects may involve drawing from dream imagery, making cave drawings, or using archetype forms and symbols as a point of departure. The course is very experimental, involved in the process well as finished product—and open to all skill levels from beginner to advanced.


To challenge the preconceived notions about the purpose and nature of drawing. To shatter inhibitions in the drawing process; and expand creativity and imagination. To develop a personal aesthetic; being innovative and original through a fresh look at making art.



Drawing Tools

Box of pencils, both hard and soft leads 
4 charcoal sticks (wide)
Kneaded eraser
Large bottle of black India ink & assortment of brushes including at least one 3” wide house painting brush
Colored pencils, pastels, ink or acrylic paint (bring whatever you have—no need to purchase a new set)
Plastic drinking cups, and one plastic container, large enough to fit the 3” wide brush


Pad of 18×24 drawing paper (medium to heavy wt.)
6 brown paper shopping bags, large size
Stack of old newspapers 

Cutting and Pasting

Elmer’s glue or glue sticks
Scissors and a utility knife
Metal straight edge (at least 17”)
Roll of 1” masking tape

Please Note:  The pencil and charcoal, plus a drawing pad are Al that is needed for the first session.

Instructor Bio

Jon Moore is a visual artist, photographer and art teacher. Jon holds a masters degree in drawing and studio art from Rutgers University. He has taught drawing, design and photography at The Art Institute of Boston, Northeastern University and Massachusetts College of Art. He works in both fine art and architectural photography. His drawings and digital photo work have been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions on the Upper Cape include: “The Continuum of Now” By Jon Moore, Highfield Hall (2018); Fire, a group exhibition at Cotuit Center for the Arts, (2017); Approaching The Maya: Photographs, Drawings & Objects, The Sigel Gallery, Falmouth Art Center (2016); Married to painter Jan Lhormer, he lives and works in Falmouth.

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