iPhone Photography for Artists with Lisa Jo Rudy


Your iPhone is a powerful tool that can capture, edit, organize, and share extraordinary photographs. It can also allow you to turn your photos into works of art (or experiment with color and composition to plan paintings). Learn to make the most of the camera in your pocket and how to turn your finished work into printed photos, canvases, and more. 


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Sunday, September 22 • 9:00am – 12:00pm

Explore techniques for composing beautiful, intentional photos

An iPhone Photography workshop with a Twist! What makes this workshop different is the focus on apps and techniques that are more “artistic” — allowing for brushwork, exploration of color palettes, abstraction, and other techniques.

Learn to use your existing suite of tools to improve composition, contrast, color, definition, and more; discover tools for black and white and color editing. Tap into some of the most exciting low-cost apps for exploring color, texture, abstraction, and other artistic elements of your photo — either as an end in itself or as a way to explore options as a painter.

What we’ll learn:

Your iPhone camera is different from a typical camera, with both pros and cons. We’ll start by introducing the camera itself, along with built-in tools for focusing, exposing, and capturing images.

Next, we’ll discuss techniques for using your iPhone camera to capture the best possible photos.

After taking a short break for a “mini photo-shoot,” we’ll come back and start working with your images. You’ll learn about the “hidden” tools built into your iPhone, and use them to crop, edit, and filter your images.

Finally, we’ll take some time to “tour” some of the capabilities of iColorama, one of the most powerful apps available for applying brushwork to your image or changing the color scheme, texture, size, and even shape of your images. Not only can you create a “painterly” image using your iphone, but you can also experiment with a variety of approaches to an image you may wish to paint.  


Bring your iPhone!

And in preparation for this class, please download the iColorama App from the Apple Store — it costs $3.99.

Instructor Bio

Lisa Jo Rudy rediscovered photography after many years when she first entered an iPhone photo in a juried art show in 2013. Since then, her iPhone photos have appeared in local and national art shows and galleries, including the National and All Cape Cod shows at the Cape Cod Art Association where she is a juried artist.  Her work is also featured in local tourism publications and newspapers.  Lisa is eager to share the incredible ease with which it is possible to turn ordinary snapshots into high quality artistic photos on a handheld device, and she looks forward to sharing what she’s learned.