“From Nature’s Pallette” Natural Fiber Dying Talk and Demo with Corinne Lilie



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Saturday, September 7th
11:00am to 12:30pm 

“From Nature’s Palette” will introduce you to local Watercolorist and Fiber Artist, Corinne Lilie, a Master of Natural Dyes since 1980, who will demonstrate how to dye fiber with natural dyes.  The cyclical nature of her craft is a life that is in sync with nature and has become a way of life for Corinne.  In her world, everything is connected and everything comes full circle from the colors yielded by dye plants to the availability of fiber and dye materials to their disposal.  She will share with you which barks, berries or plants have dye properties from Queen Anne’s Lace on the side of the road to Madder Root from exotic countries like Morocco.  Along with a demonstration of a natural dye, she will explain how to prepare the dye pot itself and how to manipulate the dyes to produce a variety of rich wonderful colors that are both stunning and colorfast.  Samples of some dye material, mordants as well as some of Corinne’s handspun, natural dyed yarns and weavings will be available.


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Instructor Bio

The Cape Cod shores, Corinne’s first source of inspiration, continue to be an underlying influence in her painting today.  Corinne can’t remember a time when she wasn’t either sketching or painting.  She sold her first painting on a Falmouth sidewalk when she was 18 yrs. old.  Since then, her artistic talents have been enriched by her studies of fine art at the Massachusetts College of Art and the University of Georgia where she earned a BA as well as a BS Ed.  Her formal education has taken her to Avignon, France where, on scholarship, she studied Art surrounded by the beauty of Provence and earned an MFA.  While watercolor is her primary medium, Corinne is also a fibre artist and at one time raised her own sheep for their wool fleece.  Fond memories of her own small flock inspire her to use sheep as a main subject in many of her paintings.  

Corinne is a member of the New England Watercolor Society as well as a juried member of the Artisans Guild of Cape Cod, a member of the Cape Weavers’ Network and the Cape Cod Spinning Guild.
Corinne spins wool, silk, cotton and angora.  She weaves, knits and makes handmade felt with her handspun, natural dyed yarns.  Many of these dyes are derived from dye plants grown in her own garden. With a goal to use historically authentic methods, Corinne uses a fermentation method to get indigo blue that was used by colonials here on Cape Cod.  In order to keep these ancient methods alive, Corinne teaches natural dye workshops and gives talks here on Cape Cod.       
Producing art work inspired by a lifetime of enriching experiences with people she has met and places she has lived or visited, depicting human emotion through her figurative paintings is what Corinne enjoys the most.  Expressing shared human emotion to the viewer through the unspoken happiness in a smile, playfulness of a hand gesture or perhaps sadness in the eyes is her goal.  These days, Corinne enjoys giving back by teaching watercolor classes for Adult Ed and Senior Centers and is delighted to be back home selling her paintings on the sidewalk here on Cape Cod where it all began.