Exploring iPhone Photography with Lisa Jo Rudy


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Thursday, June 23
6:30 to 8:30pm

We have updated our pandemic protocols because of the new health recommendations from the CDC and local health officials guidance on Cape Cod, as well as for the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and teachers.

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They say the best camera is the one you have with you.  If you own an iPhone and can snap a photo, you’re ready for this in person  workshop.  While the workshop is for beginners, it’s also helpful for people with photographic experience who are interested in exploring the surprisingly sophisticated options available in the increasingly popular “camera in your pocket.”


IMPORTANT: this workshop will focus only on the iPhone, and not on other smartphone cameras like Android.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What your iPhone camera can and can’t do well
  • Tips for taking better iPhone photos wherever you are
  • How to use “hidden” tools to improve your images before you even snap a photo
  • How use the extensive iPhone editing suite to quickly or artistically enhance your photos
  • How to use your iPhone photo library to find, organize, copy, and save photos


You’ll need a few of your own photos on your camera already so you can follow along.  Try to find a photo or two that has potential but isn’t quite perfect. For example, it may include a great shot of a person who’s too far away, or have a slanted horizon line, or be too dark or too light…  you’ll be learning to use the editing tools in your phone to make a good photo great!




Refunds will not be given within one month of the start of a workshop. Workshops are not pro-rated. A $25 processing fee is withheld from all refunds.

The Art Center reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to insufficient enrollment, in which case tuition will be fully refunded.


Bring your iPhone (or iPad).  


Instructor Bio

Lisa Jo Rudy rediscovered photography after many years when she first entered an iPhone photo in a juried art show in 2013. Since then, her iPhone photos have appeared in local and national art shows and galleries, including the National and All Cape Cod shows at the Cape Cod Art Association where she is a juried artist.  Her work is also featured in local tourism publications and newspapers.  Lisa is eager to share the incredible ease with which it is possible to turn ordinary snapshots into high quality artistic photos on a handheld device, and she looks forward to sharing what she’s learned.

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