Collagraph Printmaking with Alice Galick


Discover collagraph printmaking and embossed color designs.


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This Workshop meets on 3 Wednesdays:
January 15 (5:30 pm to 8:00 pm)
January 22 (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm)
January 29 (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm)


Discover collagraph printmaking and embossed color designs.

collagraph printmaking is a process in which materials* are applied to a rigid substrate (such as mat board or plexi or thin wood ) to create a “collage” plate. The plate is made by composing the surface with *heavy papers, lace, string, metal, or any flat surfaces that the artist may incorporated into their design. Once the designed plate is finished and coated with a shallac or medium to make it moisture proof, after drying it is ready to ink.

Printing inks, oil paint, and watercolor can be used depending upon desired affects and surfaces and paper.

Our workshop:

Day 1. Participants will create a collagraph plate 

Days 2 &3.  We’ll make a variety of rich colored monoprints from using your collagraph plate on dampened soft velvety papers passed through the press. The plate will emboss the design into the dampened paper along with the color. 

Ghost prints as well are possible.

This class will be for all levels, some experience printmaking will help.


Falmouth Art Center Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be given within one month of the start of a workshop. Workshops are not pro-rated. A $25 processing fee is withheld from all refunds.

The Art Center reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to insufficient enrollment, in which case tuition will be fully refunded.


Matboards, sand, threads, yarn textured papers and other found materials along with backing will be provided.

Inks and other supplies will be provided. 2 full sheets of print paper (this will be sufficient for 4 large prints) will be provided. More paper will be available to buy. We will be using the press.

Materials for participants to bring:

apron, cloth rags, Xacto knife (if you have one)

disposable gloves, roll of paper towels

some stiff bristle brushes ( Ocean State Job Lot would be a good place to purchase these if you don’t have any)

found materials –  they must be very flat & not absorbent  ( only a 16th of an inch round, or things flattened by cars from the road?)


Instructor Bio

Alice Nicholson Galick lives in East Falmouth and came to Cape Cod after a career of teaching art in Virginia and North Carolina, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

A Graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill BFA and University of Hartford Art School M. Art Ed., She has attended many workshops and studied with various artists around the U.S. and abroad, served as assistant printmaker at Penland for two years, and taught art for 30 years in public and private education and occupational therapy.

Introduced to printmaking in graduate school, she has taught workshops in Printmaking and created school and community programs in printmaking. 

  Printmakers of Cape Cod

 Boston Printmakers

 Southern Graphics Council International

  Monotype Guild of New England

 Cape Cod Art Association

  Falmouth Artist Guild