Arthur Rainville: The ART-of-LIFE A series of lectures on appreciating and translating it into your daily being.



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3 Saturdays: January 27, February 10, and February 24
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Join master artist and life-long educator Arthur Levi Rainville for an inspiring look at the world of art.  This hybrid classical approach to understanding, personalizing ART, sets aside the sound-bite world of today and dips into the intriguing real-time connectivity of the power of art.

January 27: A Walk with Monet…

            When asked what the exhibit should call his painting of a sunrise, Monet replied, “Why don’t you just call it ‘Impression’?”  Thus the landmark painting was titled Impression: Sunrise… the name stuck and gave birth to a new art genre…Monet laughed all the way to the bank.  Meander down a road less traveled, waiting to be explored.  Back stories and insights that are sure to fascinate and inspire anyone, artist or art lover alike. 

February 10: A Walk with Whistler…                                                              

   On finding, and holding onto, you heart-light.

            Yes, we too often look without seeing, inhale without awareness…a script for a less than picturesque life. Through poignant, storytelling accounts of famous art-revelations, we’ll delve into the magic of living life large through art.  All art is psychologically responsive…have you explored the world of ‘Tonalism’?  We’ll learn how our personality can visit an art museum, how to hear our muse talking, and how to answer…(hint…it’s not in a text or a tweet!)  If you’re feeling the need to press your subjective narrative re-set button…today’s the day!


February 24: A Walk with Sister Wendy…

Enter the ladies…the Sacred Theatre of Art

Bill Moyers touted, “Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.”  Yes Virginia… you have a process!… Some days we just have to start at Plan B!  We’ll talk about how the Five Ateliers of Art can guide your work, shape a more aesthetic, peaceful, joyful life.  We’ll explore the ‘Walden Principle,’ creating our own subjective environments.  We’ll learn to write a private self-help guide to living.  Embrace our artistic temperaments and approach the ‘All Ahead STOP’ with purpose.


Join master artist and life-long educator Arthur Levi Rainville for an inspiring look at the world of art.

Instructor Bio

Arthur Levi Rainville, M.Photog., Cr, CPP, API, has been creating stunning photographs, wrapped in intrigue, atmosphere and romanticism, for over 50 years. With his life’s work being lovingly displayed in museums on three continents; he has been touted as, the Poet Laurate of Photography, one of the most sensitive, artists of our time.

Working out of his decorous studio in the historic waterfront district of New Bedford, Massachusetts, he is widely known for his muted, granular color work. Refinements of this life passion lead to his lyrical, quixotic Mansuesco style of today. Defying a definable formula, Mansuesco, much like Impressionism, is a plurality of looks. An innate quality of light coupled with a compositional choreography is akin to his signature style. In a one-man show at the French Cultural Center, his work was astutely referred to as … a synthesis of observation and imagination blended with a palette of gauzy colors.

Arthur has taught photography professionally for 40 years. Former Academic Director at the New England School of Photography in Boston, he has lectured across the country at the Fine Art Museums of Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas and San Diego. Arthur has taught workshops in France, Italy, Greece, Canada, UK, and Trinidad/Tobago. Besides being a noted touring lecturer, he is a prolific author with four published books on the Creative Spirit and living an Artful Life.



24 Logan Street, #325 New Bedford, MA 02740

tel: (508) 641 – 2608