Artist’s Statement:

My paintings are inspired by the landscape and architecture of Iran where I grew up, and the landscape of New England where I have lived for the past 48 years.

Bio:  Minoo Minaei Khanbabai 

Minoo Minaei Khanbabai currently resides with her husband in  Western Mass. She recieved her art education at the College of  Fine Arts in Tehran, Iran; graduating with an BA degree in graphic  design. She has been painting for over 40 years, and has  maintained her studio and gallery at Indian Orchard Mills for over 25  years. Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous shows,  galleries, and private and corporate collections.  

Minoo’s worldly views and much traveled experiences through the  lense of her favorite subjects – seascapes, landscapes, garden  scenes, and Persian architecture – are the themes of her latest  works on display here. 

“I strive to bring out the natural beauty and essence of nature in my  work. I draw inspiration from the beautiful scenes of New England  and my native country, Iran. 

Monumental architectural forms surrounding me during my early life  in Iran were the impetus for the series: ‘Blue Tiles and Turquoise  Skies.’ With my hard-edge painting technique, I attempt to simplify  and reduce the intricate arch and tile motifs to their truest essence.


Click here for a video about the artist,  Minoo Khanbabai.