Artist’s Statement:

Thank you…for being present, in this moment; to contemplate my photographs of “Temporary Madness”.  For some time I have been exploring new concepts and ideas to bring deeper meaning to my passion for photography.  This exhibit is not about seeing “something”.  It is about “seeing” the beauty in a wildly turbulent moment frozen in time.  It’s about feelings of utter chaos.  The world as we know it is spinning in a constant outrageous frenzy.  It is in this wild unruliness that surrounds us, that I see beautiful dances of  movement, color, texture & light.  Though there are different groupings of photographs; they all reflect the concept of “Temporary Madness” in their own way.  All created uniquely & with minimal processing to let their own natural beauty be revealed.  Step back, be curious; allow your imagination to flow openly!

Art Photographs by Julie DeMello in the Sigel Gallery at the Falmouth Art Center.  Call the Art Center at 508-540-3304 to purchase a framed photo. Learn more about Julie at