Click Here for 2022 Summer Juried Exhibit Online Gallery

Juror: Irena Roman

This exhibit will be on display in the Falmouth Art Center’s Hermann Gallery from July 1 – August 1.

AWARDS and Juror’s comments:

Best in Show

Janet Picard, Still Life with Anthurium, oil

This delightful painting is the embodiment of abundance. With joie de vivre, it pulsates with energy, drawing the viewer in. Its complementary color palette combined with a myriad of patterns and textures create a harmonic symphony that is pleasing to the eye as well as the senses.

Best Figure/Portrait

Lesley Breen, Ruth, digital painting

Bold, graphic, direct, the immediacy of this image is captivating, engaging and conceptually strong. Great execution with a wonderful likeness.

Best Landscape

Robert Steedman, Iced In, watercolor

Atmospherically beautiful, this masterful painting blends softly defined wet-on-wet washes with distinct shapes to create a lovely scene. The juxtaposition of lush darks with the white of the paper captures the essence of the day.

Best Three-dimensional Art

Robert Scutt, The Dancer, oak wood, $750

The undulating form of this elegant, free-standing sculpture is a pleasure to view. It is tall, regal, smooth and sensual. The highly polished wooden surface gleams and its overall essence communicates rhythm, movement and dance.

Best Still Life

Yael Zakon-Bourke, Afternoon Delight, oil

The narrative quality of this painting is intriguing. Compositionally, its tight crop and intimate gaze capture and amplify a fleeting moment in time, communicating more than what’s being portrayed.


Deborah Alavosius, Off Season Twilight, acrylic

This is an exceptional painting! From the details on the buildings to the textures of the trees, this image is beautifully and thoughtfully rendered. The peach-colored sky informs the entire scene, creating a peaceful and poetic aura.


Christine Gagne, Walking with Jim, oil

Expertly composed, the intersection of its darks and lights are outstanding. Excellent use of foreground to background space and elegant use of complimentary colors. The depiction of both man-made surfaces and nature are spot-on.


Steven Specht, Who’s Protecting Whom, From What, analog collage

There’s much to look at and wonder about with this intriguing image. With impeccable composition and excellent attention to craft, this collage asks more questions than it answers. As Dorothy would say, “ I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.”


Arlene Black Mollo, Six Lilies, Falmouth, watercolor

Painted with a loose, spontaneous feel, these lush flowers straddle uninhibitedness and control, abstraction and representation and capture the essence of each flower. Excellent balance of lights and darks, suggestion and detail.


Catherine Cetta, Marsh View, acrylic

The star of this fantastic image is illumination. The colors from above are reflected below, and we, the viewers, are transfixed, enveloped by the intangible. It’s poetic and all encompassing. We know it will change in a second, yet it’s captured here for us to remember and keep.


Richard Pawlak, A Woman and a Man (Walking), fresco

Wonderful body language. A feeling of movement is captured by the soft edges of the figures. The simplicity of the composition increases the narrative quality and the textural background suggests no place, or every place. A delightful slice of life.


All Accepted Works:

Lysbeth  Abrams The Cost of Geraniums, No. 1
Deborah Alavosius Off Season Twilight
Deborah Alavosius Dock and Dinghy 
Dennis Albers Mediterranean Village
Julie AngelaTheresa Boundaries
Valerie Belcher Just Before Breakfast
Deborah Bottomley Sanctuary
Lesley Breen  Ruth
Kerry Buckley Last Light
Catherine Cetta Sippewissett
Marian Colman Summer Cottages, Snug Harbor
Michael Day Swan Song
Michael Day Sailing thru Cape Cod Train Bridge
Marian Ehrlich Glorious Dowses
Linda Farmer Cheers
Carol Flax Mayflower V
Kelly Fuller Warm Day on the Tidal Flats
Christine Gagne Walking with Jim
Christine Gagne Summer dreams
Douglass Gray Blue Moon For Two
Sharon Hayes Trip Itinerary
Melissa Hofer Ready to fly
Thomas Keleher Chappy After Glow, Number 1
Carol Knox Crane Wildflower Fields – July
Megen Krohn Hummingbird
Arlene Black Mollo Six Lilies
Alice  Nicholson Galick African Leaves
Richard Pawlak A Woman and a Man (Walking)
Karyn Phares Her Garden
Janet Picard Still life with Anthurium
Yvonne Posa Phase 2 on Fabric Row
Georgene  Riedl The Greenhouse
Leigh  Royer  Beaufort Dawn
Robert Ryder Beethoven
Linda Sattel  Naomi
diane scotti Soaking in the sun
Robert Scutt The Dancer
Claudia Smith-Jacobs Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul
Steven Specht Who’s Protecting Whom, From What
Robert Steedman Iced In
Jeremy Wagner Grammy’s Tree
Linda Walker Mountain Meadow
James Weinberg Walkin’ with Ease
James Weinberg Encounters near Counters
Cathy Williamson October Day
Gary Yablick Blue Vase
Gary Yablick Pair of Footed Bowls
Yael Zakon-Bourke Afternoon Delight