Juror: Julia Cumes

Best in Show

Watering with a Flair by Paul M. Murray

Juror’s comment: I love the use of backlighting in this image, the water droplets frozen in time so exquisitely. It’s such a moment and the composition and warm tones are really wonderful as well. It is both a moment as well as graphically striking.

Best nature image

Humpback whale eating its way through a giant pod of menhaden by Paul Rifkin

Juror’s comment: I thought this image of a whale eating its way through a giant pod of menhaden is simply an extraordinary moment and elegantly executed. I have never seen this captured before and it really showcases nature at its most profound. It is an easy image to miss unless one looks closely, so I suggest viewers come up and look at it up close.


Best black-and-white image

Lorie by Jay Phyfer

Juror’s comment: I love how the photographer has transformed the human body into a landscape itself. Great use of composition and form and there’s an added layer of narrative mystery I find intriguing.


Best moment

Confrontation by Walter Knox
Juror’s comment: There is such a wonderful sense of a moment in this image. The interaction between these two birds is so expressive. Also, great use of shallow depth of field to really bring the viewers’ eye to the subject matter.


Best landscape

Castellucio di Norcia by Tom Noonan

Juror’s Comment: I love the light and tonal range in this black and white image. Tones range from the whitest white to the darkest of blacks with almost everything in between. Ansel Adams would be proud!


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

Antarctica Portal by Paul M. Murray
Juror’s Comment: I love the use of framing in this image shot through a hole in an ice cave and the visual complexity of its layers. I’m always drawn to images that offer the viewer a foreground, middle ground and background, leading the viewer deeper into the image. I also appreciate the frame within the frame and the color and texture of the ice.

Honorable Mention

Hay Barge by Greg Anderson
Juror’s comment: Great use of color and form in this image of a boat.

Honorable mention

Portrait of a jellyfish by Jennifer Kano
Juror’s comment: The light in this image is just exquisite. I love how the jellyfish has become an abstraction, much more about light and form than about the creature itself.

Honorable mention

Aging Gracefully, Opus 21, No. 5 by Susan Simon
Juror’s comment: The photographer has done an excellent job capturing the detail, color and elegant beauty of these flowers. Excellent use of light and composition.

Honorable mention

Boston Abstract by Jeannine LaVoie

Juror’s comment: Wonderfully creative use of color and form to turn this urban landscape into a playful and engaging abstraction.

Honorable mention

Summer Reading by William Yates

Juror’s comment: I really enjoy the composition and framing in this image. Also the sense of photographer as voyeur—a quiet moment captured from a mysterious vantage point adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Honorable mention

Final Portrait by Bruce Calabro
Juror’s comment: I’m not only drawn to the beautiful composition and texture in this image but to the narrative behind it. One cannot help but wonder what kind of creature this is and what happened to it. Just overall a striking and compelling image.

All Accepted Works:

Good Morning! Greg Anderson
Hay Barge Greg Anderson
Arctic Eye Mark Avery
Monks Park Blue Rick Branscomb
Keyhole View of Petra Haim Brill
A Room of One’s Own Alicia Buccino
Final Portrait Bruce Calabro
Tails Up Helen Clark
Transitioning Michael Corthell
At Rest Barry Cronin
Encased VIII Julie DeMello
“They won’t leave without us.” Kevin Doyle
Boston Nighttime Skyline Todd Duclos
Oceanic Eruption Emily L. Ferguson
Ghost Ship Nancy  Howren
Dueling Forces Christina Jacobi
Woman in Gyantse with Mask Molly Johnston
Portrait of a Jellyfish Jennifer Kano
Teton Blues Lauren Kinghorn
Osprey with Lunch Carol Knox
Confrontation Walter Knox
Portrait of a Praying Mantis Walter Knox
Winter Nobska Nadine Krasnow
“Sentinel” Steven Kratka
Boston Abstract Jeannine Lavoie
Another day in paradise Robin Melavalin
reflection on a pond Barbara Moss
Watering with a Flair Paul Murray M
Antarctica Portal Paul Murray M
Northwoods Nightsky Teresa Navickas
Castellucio di Norcia Tom Noonan
Sunset Puddle-World Marilyn Pageau
Physical space Suji  Park
Lorie Jay Phyfer
Little Mirror Laura Puopolo
Grace Amanda Rebelo
Are you taking my picture? Claudine Reilly
Nobska Beach Philip Richardson
Humpback Whale Eating Its Way Through A Giant Pod of Menhaden Paul Rifkin
Plantation Walls XVII.d Dennis Roth
Aging Gracefully Opus 21 No 5 Susan Simon
When the Fog Rolls In Dorene Sykes
Rancho de Taos Mark Taylor
The River At 9 AM Peter  Tilgner
Bernard Harbor 1 Richard Tranfaglia
Finnish Church – Thomaston Richard Tranfaglia
Truly, a Washashore Nancy Walbek
Tideline Configuration David E. Williamson
Nashawena Bend Milt Williamson
Summer Reading William Yates