Juror: Paul Batch

2021 Summer Juried Exhibit
Jory Mason | Sizzle | HONORABLE MENTION
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Name Title Award
Pam Abrams-Warnick Navigating Transitions  
Deborah Alavosius Connected Surf Drive  
Joan Appel Porch View  
Valerie Belcher Island Girls  
Joyce Caggiano COVID Kid  
Patricia Calkins-Martin Grounded Honorable Mention
Sarah Campbell Summer Sneakers under the Geranium  
Eileen Casey Time for Reflection Fourth Place
Sue Colozzi Cranberry Bog Reflection  
Betsy Payne Cook Pursuing A Path  
Peter Daley Boston Icon  
Ellen Davies Mother’s Day  
Nancy Duffany Summer City  
Nancy Duffany Moonlight over Aquinnah Cliffs  
Pattee Durkin Lobster Party   
Herb Edwards Beach Figures #3  
Lisa Errico Ghosted Lovers Juror’s Choice
Linda Farmer Blue Vase & Flowers  
Carol Flax Crowell Beach-Fall  
Jennifer Fuchel Clay Pigeons  
Christine Gagne A Hasty Retreat  
Alice Nicholson Galick Early Morning Light Honorable Mention
Deborah Handy Shenandoah  
MaryLou Harwood Contentment  
Ashley Heaton Red Butte  
Sigrid Hecker Wind on Dunes  
Janet Higbie Caleb’s Pond  
Kris Ikkela Koi Pond  
Minoo Minaei Khanbabai Sunset by Little Pond, Falmouth  
Diana Lee Seated Nude with Fruit and Flowers  
Lindsey MacMurdo Hopper’s Landing  
Jory Mason Sizzle Honorable Mention
Jory Mason Lofted Perspective  
Andrea Moore Heuchera Garden  
Meg Ann Moorhead LOBSTER! LOBSTER! Third Place
Lucia Moskal Flying the Chute  
Abbie O The Call to the Future  
Benjamin Partan Tulip  
Carole Raymond Cape Cod Reflections  
Marie St. Hillaire Saturday Night  
Peggy Richard Morning Second Place
Judith Richardson End of Summer  
Jane E. Robbins Trifecta  
Robert Scutt Candy Apple Red  
Susan Sigel Serenity  
Claudia Smith-Jacobs Mister Best in Show
Sherri Starr Quarantine-12  
Edward Vaughan Haunted Marsh  
Cathy Williamson Anticipation