Congratulations! Exhibit will be on display in the Hermann Gallery from April 30 – May 31.

Fall Leaves Greg Anderson
Duck Diving Greg Anderson
The Bears Den Carrie Ann Belcher
The Dock Carrie Ann Belcher
Excess David Black
Spindrift David Black
Belgian Horse, VT Megan Coppola
Breathe Margot Critchfield
Through the Rabbit Hole Darcy Dangremond
Sea Things Julie DeMello
Intergalactic Julie DeMello
Tiger Lilly brendan doyle
Sunset View from Scraggy Neck Emily L. Ferguson
Aging Together Leigh Ann Hartsfield
Everything’s Better in Pink Leigh Ann Hartsfield
Who Me? Barbara Hecker
Lone Wolf Barbara Hecker
Autumn Kiss Nancy Howren
Prelude to Winter christina jacobi
Ad Infinitum christina jacobi
Autumn Leaves Molly Johnston
Barn Door with Hat Molly Johnston
Indefinite Fog Steven Kratka
Falmouth Cranberry Bog Gregory Lauer
Rainbow Fern Jeannine Lavoie
Beauty in a Bottle Jeannine Lavoie
Caught Down #1 Kevin Leonard
Giovane Ragazzo al Confessional. Firenze, Italy Sharron Mack
Blue Morph Arctic Fox Kevin McCarthy
Polar bear mother and cubs Kevin McCarthy
Odd One in the Vineyard David Michaelson
Midnight in the Lemaire Paul Murray
Serene Paul Murray
Fore River Bridge Phillip Nardozzi
Glassified Marilyn Pageau
Autumn in the Shallows Carolyn Pelkey
Figurative Snow Carolyn Pelkey
Quaranteened Helena Powers
Madde Helena Powers
After the Bloom Claudine Reilly
Winter Storm, Nobska Beach Philip Richardson
Sonoma Coast Philip Richardson
Twisted Dock Lisa Jo Rudy
Interiors Lisa Jo Rudy
Ribbon Dancer Susan Simon
Winter Solace Dorene Sykes
Boulder Beach Sunrise 19 Richard Tranfaglia
Red & Yellow Dory Richard Tranfaglia
Quiet Solitude Victoria Tynan
The Lion King Hannah Van Buren
Sunrise at Plymouth Rock Robert Wheaton
Holding On Milt Williamson