Juror: Suzanne Packer


Accepted Works   Awards
Barry Beder Boat Hull Image #14  
Eileen Casey August Abstraction  
Catherine Cetta Floating  
Wendy Christern Wild Blue Yonder  
Susan Ciampa Sunspots II  
Susan Elizabeth Clark Untitled  
Betsy Payne Cook Rhythm of Turbulance  
E. C. Davies Happy Days Honorable Mention
Karen Dugas Chrysalis  
Lisa Errico Realign  
Rich Ferreira Lost Atlantis  
Joe Futrelle Arrow Quad 3-wqm  
Marcia Goodwin Page From the Akashic Honorable Mention
Douglass Gray Blue Moon for Two Best Contrast
Sigrid Hecker Lillypad  
Liz Henry Continuity  
Marie St Hilaire Timeless  
Paul Hughes Celtic Blue Sea  
Claudia  Smith-Jacobs Variations in pink, grey, black & white  
Ruthie Kane Red Journey Honorable Mention
Jen Kano Oxidative Stress  
Jon B. Keenan Ode to Dale Chihuly  
David Kelley Shadow Dance Best in Show
Carol Knox Warm   
Jeannine Lavoie Cascading  
Diana Lee Summer Palette  
Ruth Leech Chimera  
Shelly McDermott Just Breathe  
Dick McGarr Breaking Through Honorable Mention
Peter Morrison Favorite Colors  
Tom Morton Arc & Rectangles  
James Musto Energy & Hope Energy
Margaret Fair Nowak Moçambique Current Soft Edge
Gretchen Partridge Imperial  
Joanne Patukonis Mixed Emotions 1  
Judith Richardson Shadowland 1  
Phil Richardson Freeway  
Lisa Rudy Time   
Karen Scata Bad Moon Rising Hard Edge
Robert Scutt Contemplating the Tree  
Mary Shiff 50’s Frame of Mind  
Leslie Spencer Blue & Gold  
M. Sydney Feminine Apparition  
Erica Szuplat Teeming  
Cindy Vengroff Borderland  
Cheryl Okolo Wagner Untitled  
Linda Walker Hope Ascending Honorable Mention
Pam Abrams Warnick Optimism  
Nancy  Weinstein STILL  
David E. Williamson Falling Splendor  
Ann Worthington Out of the Dark  
Julia Wright Rise